Institute of Information Theory and Automation

Department of Decision-Making Theory

Head of the Department:
Martin Kružík

Deputy head of the Department:
František Matúš

Marie Kolářová

phone: +420 286 581 419
staff: people, Ph.D. students
List of publications, courses, projects, seminars

Most of the research activities of the department belong to the field of applied mathematics. The focus is on theoretical problems as well as problems connected with implementation of methods in the following areas:

  • mathematical optimization
  • nonsmooth analysis
  • differential equations
  • variational problems
  • probabilistic models of decision support systems
  • conditional independence structures
  • alternative calculi of uncertainty in artificial intelligence


Last events:

organized by F. Matúš

Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Prague Room 25, UTIA AVCR, Pod Vodárenskou věží 4, 18208 Praha 8


successfully completed his PhD studies at Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. On 24th February 2012 he defended his doctoral thesis "Probabilistic Compositional Models: solution of an equivalence problem" and he was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Mathematical Engineering.

Model Selection Day

Organized by Milan Studený and František Matúš

September 16, 2009 (Wednesday) Room #3

Institute of Information Theory and Automation
Pod vodárenskou věží 4, CZ-18208, Prague 8, Czech Republic

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