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Aleš Antonín Kuběna

    Journal articles

    1. Kuška M., Trnka R., Kuběna Aleš Antonín, Růžička J.Free Associations Mirroring Self- and World-Related Concepts: Implications for Personal Construct Theory, Psycholinguistics and Philosophical Psychology , Frontiers in Psychology vol.7, [2016] Download
    2. Novák M., Gebauer G., Thoma M., Curik J., Štěpánová M., Jacková I., Buzek F., Bárta J., Santrucková H., Fottová D., Kuběna Aleš AntonínDenitrification at two nitrogen-polluted, ombrotrophic Sphagnum bogs in Central Europe: Insights from porewater N2O-isotope profiles , Soil Biology and Biochemistry vol.81, 1 (2015), p. 48-57 [2015] Download
    3. Machotka O., Maňák J., Kuběna Aleš Antonín, Vlček J.Incidence of intravenous drug incompatibilities in intensive care units , Biomedical Papers vol.159, 4 (2015), p. 652-656 [2015] Download
    4. Bohdálková Leona, Novák M., Štěpánová M., Foltová D., Chrastný V., Miková J., Kuběna Aleš AntonínThe Fate of Atmospherically Derived Pb in Central European Catchments: Insights from Spatial and Temporal Pollution Gradients and Pb Isotope Ratios , Environmental Science and Technology vol.48, 8 (2014), p. 4336-4433 [2014] Download
    5. Hromádka R., Kuběna Aleš Antonín, Šmíd Martin, Popelka S.Medial calcar of proximal humeral fracture as landmark in restoration of humeral length in case of hemiarthroplasty , Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy vol.35, 5 (2014), p. 473-479 [2014] Download
    6. Matoulková P., Doseděl M., Růžková B., Kuběna Aleš AntonínInformation and awareness Concerning Ibuprofen as an Ingredient in over the Counter Analgesics: a Questionnaire-based Survey of Residents of Retirement Communities , Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica: drug research vol.70, 2 (2013), p. 333-338 [2013] Download
    7. Zuchova S., Kuběna Aleš Antonín, Erler Theodore, Papežová H.Neuropsychological variables and clinical status in anorexia nervosa: relationship between visuospatial memory and central coherence and eating disorder symptom severity , Eating and Weight Disorders vol.18, 4 (2013), p. 421-428 [2013]
    8. Krnačová V., Kuběna Aleš Antonín, Macek K., Bezděk M., Šmahelová A., Vlček J.Severe hypoglycaemia requiring the assistance of emergency medical services - frequency, causes and symptoms , Biomedical Papers vol.156, 3 (2012), p. 271-277 [2012] Download
    9. Tichý V., Kuběna Aleš Antonín, Skála L.Analytic energies and wave functions of the two-dimensional Schrodinger equation: ground state of two-dimensional quartic potential and classification of solutions , Canadian Journal of Physics vol.90, 6 (2012), p. 503-513 [2012] Download
    10. Luchavová M., Zikán V., Michalská D., Raška I., Kuběna Aleš Antonín, Štěpán J. J.The effect of timing of teriparatide treatment on the circadian rhythm of bone turnover in postmenopausal osteoporosis , European Journal of Endocrinology vol.164, 4 (2011), p. 643-648 [2011] Download

    Other publications

    1. Kuběna Aleš AntonínSymmetry Condition for Partially Factorizable Discrete Distributions , INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION GEOMETRY AND ITS APPLICATIONS IV, p. 46-47 , Eds: Kratochvíl Václav, IGAIA IV - Information Geometry and its Applications, (Liblice, 12.6.2016-17.6.2016) [2016] Download
    2. Kuběna Aleš Antonín, Franek P.Symmetries of Quasi-Values , Algorithmic Game Theory - 6th International Symposium, SAGT 2013, p. 159-170, Symposium of Algorithmic Game Theory, (Aachen, DE, 21.10.2013-25.10.2013) [2013] Download
    3. Šmíd Martin, Kuběna Aleš AntonínDeterminants of Stocks' Choice in Portfolio Competitions , Financial Management of Firms and Financial Institutions, 8th International Scientific Conference Financial management of firms and financial institutions, (Ostrava, CZ, 9.-10. September 2013) [2013] Download
    4. Kuběna Aleš Antonín, Šmíd MartinPortfolio competitions and rationality , Proceedings of the 31st International Conference Mathematical Methods in Economics 2013 , Eds: Vojáčková Hana, MME 2013. International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Economics 2013 /31./, (Jihlava, CZ, 11.09.2013-13.09.2013) [2013] Download
    5. Kuběna Aleš AntonínPexeso ("Concentration game") as an arbiter of bounded-rationality models , Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Economics 2010, p. 337-380 , Eds: Houda M., Friebelová J., 28-th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Economics, (České Budějovice, CZ, 08.09.2010-10.09.2010) [2010] Download
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