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Portfolio competitions and rationality

Conference Paper (international conference)

Kuběna Aleš Antonín, Šmíd Martin

serial: Proceedings of the 31st International Conference Mathematical Methods in Economics 2013 , Eds: Vojáčková Hana

action: MME 2013. International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Economics 2013 /31./, (Jihlava, CZ, 11.09.2013-13.09.2013)

project(s): GA402/09/0965, GA ČR

keywords: portfolio competition, game theory, behavioural finance

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abstract (eng):

We study investment competitions in which the players with highest achieved returns are rewarded by fixed prizes. We show that, under realistic assumptions, a game the participants play lacks a pure equilibrium and that the ``max-min'' solution of the game lies in one of the extremal points of the feasible set, namely in the one having maximal probability that the portfolio return falls into its normal cone. We analyse empirically a portfolio competition held recently by the Czech portal ``''; we find that the majority of people do not behave according to the game-theoretic conclusions. Consequently, searching for factors influencing a choice of particular stocks, we find that that the only significant determinant of the choice is a size of the stock's issuer.


2012-12-21 16:10