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A Review of Aggregation Operators


Calvo T., Kolesárová A., Komorníková Magda, Mesiar Radko

publisher: University of Alcala, (Madrid 2001)


research: AV0Z1075907

project(s): 1/7146/20, VEGA, 1/8331/21, VEGA, GA402/99/0032, GA ČR

keywords: aggregation operator, fusion, triangular norm

abstract (eng):

Aggregation of several input values into a single output values is an indispensable tool not only in mathematics or physics, but in most engineering, economical, social and other sciences. Aggregation problems are in general very broad and heterogeneous, so we have restricted ourselves in this booklet to the specific topic of the aggregation of a finite number of real inputs. We have presented some basic properties and classes of aggregation operators.

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