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Free Associations Mirroring Self- and World-Related Concepts: Implications for Personal Construct Theory, Psycholinguistics and Philosophical Psychology

Journal Article

Kuška M., Trnka R., Kuběna Aleš Antonín, Růžička J.

serial: Frontiers in Psychology vol.7,

project(s): GBP402/12/G097, GA ČR

keywords: psycholinguistics, world, personal construct theory, free association, association network

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abstract (eng):

People construe reality by using words as basic units of meaningful categorization. The present theory-driven study applied the method of a free association task to explore how people express the concepts of the world and the self in words. The respondents were asked to recall any five words relating with the word world. Afterward they were asked to recall any five words relating with the word self. The method of free association provided the respondents with absolute freedom to choose any words they wanted. Such free recall task is suggested as being a relatively direct approach to the respondents' self and world-related conceptual categories, without enormous rational processing.


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