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Possibility and necessity measures and integral equivalence

Journal Article

Chen T., Mesiar Radko, Li J., Stupňanová A.

serial: International Journal of Approximate Reasoning vol.86, 1 (2017), p. 62-72

keywords: Integral equivalence, Necessity measure, Possibility measure, Survival function, Universal integral

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Integral equivalence of couples (μ,x) and (μ,y), where μ is a possibility (necessity) measure on [n]={1,…,n} and x,y∈[0,1]^n is discussed and studied. We characterize the sets H(μ,x) of all y such that the couples (μ,x) and (μ,y) are integral equivalent and we add an illustrative example. Subsequently, a new characterization of possibility (necessity) measures is obtained and the coincidence of universal integrals for possibility (necessity) measures and particular vectors from [0,1]n is shown, thus generalizing these results introduced by Dubois and Rico for the Choquet and the Sugeno integrals.


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