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  1. The Institute has established a whistleblowing system in accordance with the Institute's internal regulation "On Whistleblower Protection" (currently available only in Czech), which allows whistleblowers to report violations of EU and/or Czech legal regualtions or public interests or unethical or unlawful conduct, including acts of sexual coercion and violence.
  2. This system can be accessed at the link
  3. The Authorised Persons are:
    Hana Svobodová,
    Ing. Milan Zajíček, Ph.D.,
  4. If anyone wishes to submit a report other than by entering it into the above system, he/she may do so in agreement with one of the authorised persons.
  5. If a person who is not an employee of the Institute wishes to submit a report, he/she may request from the Authorised Persons the text of the regulation mentioned in Point 1.
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