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Workshop Programme




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Opening session



Scalable Information Aggregation from Weak Information Sources

Stephen Roberts


University of Oxford, UK 


Designing Societies of Robots 
David Rios Insua and Pablo G. Esteban

King Juan Carlos University, Spain


Cooperative Dimensionality Reduction for Intelligent Feature Selection in Individualised Medicine

Dietlind Zühlke1, Gernoth Grunst2, and

Kerstin Röser3

1Fraunhofer IAIS, Germany

2Fraunhofer FIT, Germany 

3University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf,Germany

10:30-11:00  Coffee break 


Preference Elicitation for Social Choice: A Study in Stable Matching and Voting 

Craig Boutilier

University of Toronto, Canada (joint work with Joanna Drummond and Tyler Lu)


Poster spotlights 


Posters and Demonstrations:

 Granger Lasso Causal Models in High Dimensions Application to Gene Expression Regulatory NetworksKaterina Hlavackova-Schindler, and Hamed Bouzari 

On Approximate Fully Probabilistic Design of Decision Making Strategies

Miroslav Kárný

Institute of Information Theory and Automation, CZ



Preliminaries of Probabilistic Hierarchical Fault Detection

Ladislav Jirsa, Lenka Pavelková, and Kamil Dedecius

Institute of Information Theory and Automation, CZ


A Note on Weighted Combination Methods for Probability Estimation

Vladimíra Sečkárová

Charles University, CZ

Estimating Efficiency Offset between Two Groups of Decision-Making Units 

Karel Macek


Czech Technical University in Prague


DEMO:   What Lies Beneath Players' Non-Rationality in Ultimatum Game?

Zuzana Knejflová1, Galina Avanesyan2,

Tatiana V.Guy3, and Miroslav Kárný3

1 Czech Technical University in Prague 

2 University of Economics, CZ

3 Institute of Information Theory and Automation

 DEMO:   Sparsity in Bayesian Blind Source Separation and Deconvolution

Vaclav Šmídl, Ondřej Tichý  

Institute of Information Theory and Automation


Lunch Break



Economic Prediction Using Heterogeneous Data Streams from the World Wide WebAbby Levenberg, Edwin Simpson, Stephen Roberts, and Georg Gottlob

University of Oxford, UK


A Unified View on Roots of Imperfection

Miroslav Kárný and Tatiana V. Guy


Institute of Information Theory and Automation, CZ


Coffee break.  Posters & Demos (cont.) 


Predictive Information and the Brain's Internal Time

Naftali Tishby

The Hebrew University, Israel


Belief CSP: A New CSP Framework Under Uncertainty 

Aouatef Rouahi1, Kais Ben Salah2, and

Khaled Ghédira1

1Higher Institute of Management of Tunis, SOIE Laboratory, Tunis, Tunisia

2 Higher Institute of Management of Sousse, SOIE Laboratory, Sousse, Tunisia


Panel Discussion, Closing RemarksAll participants 


2013-09-22 17:52