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SURF - Development adaptive interactive system for increasing safety of vehicle crew and its use for evaluation of pavement surface characteristics

Project leader: Dr. Ing. Jiří Plíhal
Department: ZS
Supported by (ID): TA04031769
Grantor: Technology Agency ČR
Type of project: applicational
Duration: 2014 - 2017
Publications at UTIA: list


The aim of this project is to define parameters representing skid resistance and longitudinal road unevenness on the base of evaluation vehicle data, available on CAN bus and that are shared between different vehicle assistant systems like ABS or ASR, e.g. lateral and longitudinal vehicle acceleration, GPS vehicle position or data from inertial systems (steering angle, yaw rate, wheel speed, slip rate, etc.). In this way defined road surface characteristics will be used as input for development vehicle assistant systems increasing active crew safety, increasing driving comfort and higher safety of pedestrians. Solving the project enable close link research activities focused on vehicle systems, mathematical models and methods of road surface quality evaluation.

Project team:
  • Doc. Ing. Ivan Nagy, CSc.
  • Ing. Zdeněk Pohl, Ph.D.
Responsible for information: ZS
Last modification: 25.09.2014
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